Aave <> Bored Ghosts Developing. Phase 2

It is clear BGD has done exceptional work – half the protocol or new features are thanks to them.

A small detail I’d like to push on is eliminating the ask for AAVE and paying the full-contract in stables or a non-native token. No issue with the ask or scope – but instead the composition of the budget.

Most service providers request AAVE or stkAAVE for “strong alignment the protocol” or to align incentives.

This already exists with BGD in a personal and professional capacity – well beyond any other service provider. As a collective they control 230,000+ AAVE or equivalent.

As an aggregate this is a significant amount of active control of the protocol.

I’m not sure this is the most sustainable route for long-term service providers for Aave which we expect and hope BGD will be. It is powerful — and hard to combat in times of disagreement.

I hope we can hold each service provider to the same standard, as shared in the Chaos’ thread here.