Aave Chan Initiative Delegate platform

mic check - one two, one two, does this thing work?

With the ACI we apologize for the lack of updates in this section of the forum, we got ourselves busy and didn’t take the time to update the huge amounts of TEMP CHECK, ARFC, AIPs, votes & updates we participated in.

We will try to re-start the updates in here, obviously too much has happened since our last update so we start back from now.

AIPs/proposals :

From now on we’ll try to publish here a short-term roadmap (less than a month delivery), then update with work done & publish the next roadmap.
with upcoming new hires in the ACI team, we should be able mid-term to publish much more detailed posts in here.


thanks for reading and we would like to express our gratitude towards the 200+ addresses trusting us with their delegations, we will keep working hard to be worthy of your support!