Aave DAO - Financial Reports & Financial Metrics

Authors from Llama: @Elliott, @MatthewGraham, and @MSilb7.

January 22 - Treasury Report

Llama is pleased to present the January 22 Aave Treasury Report. A fresh Treasury report will be published here each month providing insight into the performance of Aave. Live tracking data is available via the Dune Dashboard .

The Financial statements are set out per reserve showing the income generated from the start of 2021 along with expenses to date.

We have also presented a token flow statement. It should be noted that this combines all reserves, but for clarity, we have split out each reserve into its own statement and provided a consolidation to show the total movement.

The end of 2021 and throughout January has seen strong L2 performance with revenue growing month on month in relation to the Polygon Network and also avalanche markets, however, the Ethereum network as a result of rising competition has found it difficult to continue its growth seen early in 2021. Coupled with this January also saw significant downturns in the crypto market. This has ultimately had a significant impact on treasury holdings as a result of $AAVE token depreciation. Token price since the end of December has decreased by 38.2%.

Key takeaways are:

  • Total treasury balance $337.30m
  • Ethereum Network V1/V2 revenue down 12.1% from December to $2.1m
  • Polygon Network revenue up 2.06% from December to $1.15m
  • Both the Ethereum and Polygon reserves are well-diversified with significant stable coin holdings across both networks >50%.

We are working to bridge the gap we currently have with our reporting which is the exclusion of the Avalanche network. Dune does not currently support avalanche, however, we are working to build out an alternative way to track income and expense on this network.

Please do let me or one of the members at Llama know what you would like to see in the next iteration of this report.