Aave - Treasury Report

Authors from Llama: @MatthewGraham, @Elliott and @MSilb7.

Llama is glad to present the very first Aave Treasury Report. A fresh Treasury report will be published here each month providing insight into performance of Aave. Live tracking data is available via the Dune Dashboard.

The Financial statements are set out per reserve showing the income generated from the start of 2021 along with expenses (not that there are many).

We have also presented a token flow statement. It should be noted that this combines all reserves, but for clarity we have split out each reserve into its own statement and provided a consolidation to show the total movement.

We are working to build out a balance sheet for our next iteration of this report and we welcome any feedback.

Aave_Financial_Report_August_2021.pdf (307.9 KB)


Hi everyone, building on Matt’s update, more info on the Dune dashboard can be found in this forum post: Launch Announcement: Aave Treasury Analytics Dashboard by Llama

You can bookmark this dashboard link for daily updates, it’s set to a view of the trailing 90 days: Dune Analytics

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Matt, thank you very much for sharing it. I wonder do you use any kind of policy or whitepaper? What is the treasury report basis on? Is there any kind of management policy or treasury management policy?