Aave V3 Harmony - Freeze Reserves

aip: TBA

title: Aave V3 Harmony - Freeze Reserves

status: Proposal

author: 3SE Holdings

created: 07/12/2022

Simple Summary

This ARC presents the community with a first step towards addressing the current issues with the Aave V3 Market on Harmony in the aftermath of the exploit on Harmony’s Horizon Bridge.

This proposal calls for the Aave Guardian to freeze all reserves on the Aave V3 deployment on Harmony. This action would protect users by disabling the ability to deposit or borrow assets in the Aave V3 Market on Harmony, while still allowing repayment of debt, liquidations, withdrawals and changes to the interest rates. Freezing the reserves will not interfere with any direct transfers to any of the aToken contracts.


The Aave DAO Community, through the governance forum, has come to the rough consensus that actions should be taken to stabilize the Aave V3 Market on Harmony and limit the impact to the users, Protocol, and DAO. (Harmony Horizon bridge exploit. Consequences to Aave V3 Harmony

This proposed action is a first step that will protect users.It will give the Aave DAO full flexibility to further address the issue, by interest rate adjustments or other actions as the situation continues to develop.


If passed, this AIP will call upon the Aave Guardian to call the setReserveFreeze() function with the appropriate parameters on each asset in the Aave V3 Market on Harmony. In addition, passing this AIP will also authorize the necessary changes to the IPFS Aave UI to support this change (disabling supply and borrow) as well as implementing additional warnings and alerts to educate users attempting to interact with the Aave V3 Market on Harmony.


Snapshot has been posted. Link below!


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I second this, something needs to be done to fix AAVE on Harmony. I don’t understand why people who deposited on AAVE are being held responsible for the hack, and not those who actually used the bridge.
This really destroys trust in AAVE. Why would anyone ever deposited into AAVE, if an unrelated exploit can have you lose your supplied funds.


Think a move forward would be great, stopping interest rate on LINK and ONE to not let grow the negative debt

We can confirm that only the change on the LINK interest rate strategy is pending, mainly because of Aave Guardian coordination requirements and especially because the Harmony chain infrastructure (e.g. RPCs) is not really reliable at the moment.
Depending on timing on the Aave Guardian, it should be a matter of days.

Are also some other actions planned? Specific how to solve the negative debt so people can access their funds again!?

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After freezing everything, what is going to happen next for the users who would like to withdraw funds?


a Freeze does not affect withdraws.

During a protocol freeze, users are entirely able to repay their debt and withdraw according to available liquidity, that being said, additional deposits or borrows are frozen and not possible.

Sooooo, who is repaying their debts? Isn’t there supposed to be a liquidation of assets taking place to get funds back to the lenders?

can anyone update me on this please? will I ever be able to withdraw?
is harmony and aave going to reimburse lenders as we lenders are the ones paying for the hack?
or is anybody working on this?