Add collateral ratio notifications to UX

Problem : users get liquidated or do not have enough information to take appropriate decisions
Protocol notification are necessary to empower users.
They will be more confident in their positions, will be able to take better decisions and liquidations could decrease.

Solution : communicate about HAL (or other notification service).
Could add a CTA on the user flow or dashboard. Or tweet about it - make a post.


I remember @oaksprout created a site that was really useful for calculating health ratio. I think it would be great if the Aave site had a tool like that.

Something like what does with the liquidation protection?
Or are you just wanting the notifications

Idk, I do not use Defi saver
Was more thinking about an integration that enable the users to settle notifications for his debt position

To do not overload the user interface a tweet could be enough

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I like the idea of a simple calculator tool.

Defisaver is really cool if you’re doing anything with Crypto debt