Add support for LINK, KNC, ZRX on Aave Polygon Market

Hey! I was thinking about which Tokens could be considered to be listed on Aave Polygon and came to the following conclusion on what could make sense, please let me know what you think.

Link already has quite good liquidity and is probably one of the earlier tokens to consider to get added.

Kyber did launch their DMM on Polygon and Eth and already have quite some decent liquidity supported by incentives Rainmaker: Kyber DMM Liquidity Mining is LIVE! | by Kyber Network | Jun, 2021 | Kyber Network , so that would make sense too, additionally it could be considered to finally deprecate the old, and add the new KNC token on the Aave market on Ethereum.

Last but not least on the List, there is ZRX with their reward program launching, maybe thats a bit early yet though, as liquidity is very thin, but this probably changes pretty soon: 0x + Polygon partnership to bring 1M new users to 0x-powered apps on the Polygon Network | by 0x Blog | Jun, 2021 | 0x Blog

Please add to the List what you think could make sense and share what you think about those, if Liquidity is yet a concern, it could be considered to start with lower LTV and Liquidation threshold, but it would be great to see some more things listed soon.


I really want LINK mainly. I still have them locked up on Venus on BSC, because Polygon AAVE doesn’t support Link yet