Adding Syscoin blockchain support to AAVE

Hi Everyone! My name is Alex Guerra and I am part of the Syscoin team. We have been in touch with the Aave team for quite a while now and wanted to put out a post with more information on us before we submit and official proposal.

Syscoin is an OG coin from 2014 and we have more recently made some huge strides in the space. We have a large community excited about our modular design. What makes us unique is that we are merge-mined with Bitcoin so we bring that security over to our protocol along with EVM capabilities. We will be soon launching our Rollux suite which includes both Optimistic and ZK Rollups. We would like to have AAVE integrated.

As our ecosystem expands we are always working on novel and sincere ways to extend the partnerships we make. When working with any project, we ensure we make the most of our relationship, trusting that honest and industrious synergies offer the most return for our shared users and communities.

What Syscoin can offer :

8 Years of Industry Experience
Syscoin has navigated eight years of bulls and bears in a completely organic way without the support or input of VCs or institutional investors. Syscoin has accrued a high amount of experience in all aspects of blockchain and the industry at large, and we will be on hand to offer all support and any advice we can.

Legacy Status
Syscoin has been around for longer than Ethereum and this counts for a lot within the industry. After Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Doge, we are the longest running project in the space and the second oldest one still innovating after Bitcoin itself. This track record is an important aspect of our reputation that goes far in grabbing the ears of the people we need to speak to in order to get things done. This is an invaluable asset we are glad to share with our partners and contacts, so that we can all succeed together.

An Evergreen Future

We have been around for a long time already and are only getting started. Constantly evolving and innovating, we have infrastructure on our L1 that is designed to withstand all market conditions including a black swan. Being a modular chain, we have laid the necessary groundwork to be able to adapt all future scaling solutions beyond our current comprehension.

Large and Sophisticated Community

Based on Syscoins design we have captivated the eyes of many crypto enthusiasts globally. From Bitcoin Maxis to Alt Coiners. Most understand how we value security, but also focus on scalability to be able to solve the trilemma in blockchain. The community is very excited, but also has the acumen that goes beyond hype.

These are our current followings on social media:
Twitter: 160K Followers
Discord: 25K Subscribers
Telergram: 15K Followers
Telegram International communities: 8,000 Combined

Technical Support 24/7

Syscoin is an organic, totally open source, developer-focussed network and above all completely decentralized. We aim to support any project launching on our network in the best way we can, but go the extra step for our official partners. We will keep open lines of communication at all times with our partners and aim to answer any needs as soon as feasibly possible.


Medium and Syscoin Articles

We have a dedicated member of the team who is fantastic at compiling all of our partnerships and other announcements. We will liaise with your marketing team to make sure all details are correct and request a quote from a member of your team. This will then be shared on our Medium and our local blog, along with our socials, as the first public acknowledgement of our partnership.


We will send a tweet at our agreed designated time that will reach our 160k followers, which will then be shared in our Discord (25k subs) and Telegram (15k).

We will also share any big announcements that you request through these channels.

Tier 1 PR Firms
We have partnerships with world class PR firms that push our releases through their specific news wires to ensure our joint announcement is spread across various crypto news outlets. Press releases are typically saved for larger announcements beyond partnerships such as major milestones, and deploying new projects on-chain.

Joint AMAs

All our partners will be invited to join us for Twitter Spaces and on other platforms such as our internal Discord. This helps intertwine our two communities and gives us the opportunity to candidly speak to each other and our audiences.


Our marketing team has access to up to 40 tier 1 and 2 influencers who tweet out our customized content, including any new partnership.

Guerilla Marketing

We have a long standing and loyal team of community marketers in our Discord who utilize a custom tipbot for their work. Any deployed token on the Syscoin network can utilize this for their own community! Although it must be done more surreptitiously, we occasionally plant threads on Reddit and 4chan. One of our PR firms also does the same upon request.

Our team is always very active and engaging so if there are any questions or you want to chat with us you can find us on telegram or twitter.