AMPL problem on Aave v2 Ethereum

I want to clarify and understand, calculations that @bgdlabs and @ChaosLabs done, does they include 87643% APY for depositors, or you done calculations with very unfair APY % from this 2 changes done by you?

First you have cut APY % without any reason, without understanding of AMPL protocol on November-December, and later you done it again even more in January.

If you want to do fair calculations, so please do it with 87643% APY for aAmpl holders.


P.S. You can read proposal “[ARFC] - Chaos Labs RF and IR Updates - Aave V2 Ethereum - 2023.11.24]” they have made. They said they are “increasing” APY for borrowers, of all assets on AAVE v2. So like that borrowers would payout borrowed amount asap.
But actually cause they didnt know anything about AMPL, they not increased APY for borrowers, but decreased it enormously! And you can read thread, I told them that from start, they still didnt put it at least back to 186.21k% for borrowers, so what they done is opposite of what they declared they want to do. It would be funny, if not so sad for aAmpl investors now…