AMPL problem on Aave v2 Ethereum

Based on utilization the depositors don’t get the full rebases, applies both for negative and positive. Based on what are you claiming the you received larger negative rebases?

@psmith05 @QuantumEvolver

The difference between what you expected and the calculated amount has nothing to do with the issue discussed here. And the behavior of getting partial rebases is not broken it was as designed and as announced by both Ampleforth and AAVE and the link below was on the asset page for AMPL on AAVE’s UI and those mechanics were explained in various communications and announcements. It’s frustrating that it works differently than what you expected but the behavior was communicated as much as possible and wasn’t hidden.

@Naguib Thank you! When do you expect the AMPL team’s compensation to materialize?

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You reed my mind I have the same question.
I and the rest of the investors are curious about what happens next. Despite the welcome compensation, everyone still lost half of their investment. Perhaps Aave would like to enter into conclave again for a third and final compensation with and from the Ampl team.

I don’t think Aave will do anything, they were very clear. Their largest stakeholders have said they WILL NOT support any other compensation so no point beating a dead horse.

It comes down to what Ampleforth team can do. Now, what they do here will determine the course of action of the protocol, how they treat and care for 1000+ long time AMPL investors will determine the health of their community going forward.

Will post the proposal early this week and the governance process takes 7-9 days. If all goes smoothly then by May 24th.


Dear Naguib,
If I understand correctly you were supposed to post it yesterday. Can we still follow this somewhere?

Its here
But I cant see any new proposals

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Thanks, but unfortunately I can’t find anything recent either. @Naguib, you may be able to provide clarity

Will post in this thread when it’s posted on Ampleforth forum. It took longer than expected. will be sent during the day on Friday pacific time.


Dear @naguib, It is now 1.5 weeks after your first announcement and we still see nothing?

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