ARC: Add 1INCH as collateral

Hi All :wave:

A fresh Snapshot proposal has been created which details the following risk parameters:

Parameter Vaue
Collateral Yes
Borrowing Yes
LTV 40%
Liquidation Threshold 50%
Liquidation Penalty 8.5%
Reserve Factor 20%
UOptimal 45%
R_0 0%
R_s1 7%
R_s2 300

We are glad to see voters are actively following the forum discussion as we have a large abstain vote on the prior vote. We can now re-run the vote with no doubt over what risk parameters are being proposed for listing 1INCH on the Aave v2 mainnet market.

Matthew Graham


Sounds really good !


8147-verify-blue Voted in support of this proposal . Time has Come !

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The final vote is live!

Edit: There was an issue with delegate availability since a lot are at ETHcc this week, and I believe the UI had some issues as well. Consequently, this vote was cancelled but the plan is to re-create it next week. I’ll keep this thread updated.

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Hi Everyone :wave:

The initial 1INCH proposal when being deployed encountered an issue which lead to it being cancelled. Some details can be found here.

A new proposal has been submitted and we would like to thank @bgdlabs and @Llamaxyz for their support through out this process. Please do show support by voting on this proposal to list the 1INCH token on Aave’s v2 Ethereum market:

Matthew Graham


1476-verify-green The Wait is Finally OVER ! Soon the Gates that were long closed will Open for our HERO

Huge Props to these Gentlemen @roundelephant @Governance_House @lla007 @bgdlabs @Pauljlei @MarcZeller @monet-supply & last but not the Least @k06a to make it happen .