ARC : Add LP Balancer v2

+1 to moving the safety module to Balancer V2. This has already been suggested here: ARC: Migrate ABPT Safety Module to Balancer v2

I wanted to discuss an idea that would probably require more effort on the technical side but would be very powerful IMO. Instead of AAVE adding new BPTs for every new pool created, AAVE should “see through” the BPT and consider instead the underlying tokens in the pool which would be used in a liquidation event. That is, when liquidated, the liquidation contracts first withdraw the liquidity using the BPT and then liquidates the underlying tokens in the pool.

For example, if I had a BPT of a WETH/DAI Balancer pool that could be used to redeem 1WETH + 2000 DAI, AAVE would consider my collateral the same way as if I had directly lent 1 WETH + 2000 DAI.

This way any pool (coming from Balancer’s trusted factory) that has only AAVE-collateral tokens like WETH and DAI would immediately be accepted as collateral on AAVE, without the overhead of going through the listing process.