ARC : Add LP Balancer v2

Hi Everyone,

It is possible to add Balancer v2 LP token’s on the AMM market ?



Hello - I agree with this - Right now BOTH your AMM contracts + your Safety Module are pointing to Balancers V1 contracts. (these contracts are currently being migrated to V2 and the V1 versions have lower liquid and less APY)

It’s also confusing from a consumer standpoint, balancer is pushing everyone to V2 yet these contracts are V1 so I know a lot of LP will back down if they have to incure new gas fees in a few weeks to switch over. Also a trust issue.

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I’m here to ask again - it looks like everything is ready for the AMM Markets. See this pool for example it is pointing to the old V1 contract on Balancer. The V2 version of the same contract is currently giving a much higher apy, allowing your users to really take advantage of your system. But we need it updated to the new v2 pool that is the same split.

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+1 to moving the safety module to Balancer V2. This has already been suggested here: ARC: Migrate ABPT Safety Module to Balancer v2

I wanted to discuss an idea that would probably require more effort on the technical side but would be very powerful IMO. Instead of AAVE adding new BPTs for every new pool created, AAVE should “see through” the BPT and consider instead the underlying tokens in the pool which would be used in a liquidation event. That is, when liquidated, the liquidation contracts first withdraw the liquidity using the BPT and then liquidates the underlying tokens in the pool.

For example, if I had a BPT of a WETH/DAI Balancer pool that could be used to redeem 1WETH + 2000 DAI, AAVE would consider my collateral the same way as if I had directly lent 1 WETH + 2000 DAI.

This way any pool (coming from Balancer’s trusted factory) that has only AAVE-collateral tokens like WETH and DAI would immediately be accepted as collateral on AAVE, without the overhead of going through the listing process.


While we move the pool to V2, can we seize the opportunity to enable the stakers of the BPT token in the Safety Module to vote?

I found it embarrassing at the launch of the safety module that the riskiest and 2nd most bullish exposure (after StkAave) on Aave (80% AAVE + SM can be triggered) was excluded from voting on governance. Nowadays, I’m not even sure which word to use to describe the situation.

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I totally agree on this point.

The StkBPT currently represent 6.25% of the total supply (1M $AAVE) that can’t vote.

However maybe this concerns the proposal about moving the Safety module to Balancer V2 : ARC: Migrate ABPT Safety Module to Balancer v2

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yes @dydmoon and @tokenbrice - that is very much a concern. the Aave governance is designed to allow all the different versions of AAVE to vote, but there are some details that need to be ironed out first to be able to achieve the goal.

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I created an ARC to gather the community feedback on upgrading the AMM market LP shares here Renew the AMM Market assets