[ARC] Gauntlet <> Aave Renewal

I resonate with the points shared by @eboado and @AndrewA - thanks both for your sincerity.

I’m supportive of a renewed proposal but caution against liking them to the “master.”

It is my belief that Aave is better off with two Risk Managers and Gauntlet as one of them; it encourages competition and forces both to be the best versions of themselves.

What Gauntlet has done well:

  • current private communication, probing stakeholders

  • a vision for/towards v3

  • reactive proposals, regular parameter updates

What Gauntlet has done poorly:

  • lack of communication with other risk managers

  • proactive proposals

  • transparency on methods (for the community)

We are supportive of the original vote - but believe this failed Snapshot is the opportunity for the organization to reflect and refine its priorities before going to vote again.

Inputs shared as the ones above are a reminder of where improvements are needed - and where to continue to deliver services, at superior levels.

We look forward to Gauntlet approaching an updated proposal - and are willing to discuss modified incentive structures (both upside and downside), as brought forward by the ACI @MarcZeller