[ARC] Gauntlet <> Aave Renewal

Hi all, we wanted to provide our feedback on Gauntlet’s renewal as well, given our interaction with the team through our delegate activities here on Aave. Overall, our experience with Gauntlet has been very positive. The risk analysis they provide is of consistently high quality, and contributors on their side are very active with with meeting our many requests / clarifications. We wanted to call out the work of @Pauljlei in particular - he’s been super helpful while we ramped up on Aave and has engaged with us on many proposals, several notably outside of the scope of Gauntlet’s regular work.

We understand that recent market volatility has adversely impacted Aave, and that Gauntlet has not always been fast enough in responding to these changes. But taking stock of the longer-term history, we would caution the community not to overweigh recency bias. Gauntlet has been very active in monitoring changes during these volatile times, and has proactively pushed through amendments / param changes to coordinate efforts across large groups of stakeholders to keep the protocol safe. Just look at Paul’s Twitter - he’s been calling out these issues long before the most recent attack.

We are in broad agreement with several of the comments above, especially by @eboado and @AndrewA. If the community feels that communication and proactivity from Gauntlet needs to be improved, we would work with the team to draft a new proposal that incorporates those aspects.

We appreciate all the effort that Gauntlet has made in keeping Aave safe during these turbulent times, and the degree of professionalism and communication they have had with us. We look forward to seeing an improved proposal addressing the concerns brought to the fore by several community members in this forum.