[ARC] Gauntlet Interest Rate Curve Changes for Aave V3 Markets (Feb 2023)

Gauntlet Update

Aave V3 IR Curves

Gauntlet plans on moving forward with our recommendations above. During the recent USDC volatility event, there was an extended spike in USDT utilization:


The delay USDT experienced in most markets in returning to lower levels of utilization further supports our recommendation to move USDT to the more conservative interest rate curve.

While the utilization of USDC spiked as well, it was much less severe:


We will continue to assess if it makes sense to change the interest rate curve on USDC, but in the meantime, we do not wish to delay the other parameter changes.

Our recommendation rationales for MAI, FRAX, agEUR, EURS, WETH, and GHST, as described in the original post, still hold. While there are efforts in place to disable agEUR borrows and freeze GHST, our recommendations do not interfere with these actions and aim to be beneficial to the protocol if these restrictions are ever lifted.

Next Steps

  • Target On-chain proposal on Monday, 3/20/2023
  • We note that Avalanche changes cannot be implemented via AIP. Given the successful Snapshot vote, if the AIP passes, Avalanche changes will move forward as well via Guardian.