[ARC] Launch Aave v3 on Celo

Hi @fig, appreciate the questions! Answering several of them and will need to come back on a few items in the new year.

  1. The partnership with Penn Blockchain and the University of Michigan is working together on the proposal in a way that aligns with the Celo and Aave ecosystems. Both student organizations are very familiar with the Celo ecosystem and have been helpful in the proposal drafting process.

  2. The Celo Foundation has helped seed liquidity in the past. We’ve found seeding liquidity to at times be more helpful than rewards but would love to get your thoughts on a few follow-up questions:
    a. Is there preference for seeding liquidity over rewards given that seeding liquidity ensures that the liquidity remains for people and projects to be able to access? Or are both rewards and seeding liquidity something you’re looking for?
    b. Is there a rough range you’re looking for or is it primarily to show serious commitment to Aave on Celo?

The intention here is to ensure a successful long-term collaboration between Celo and Aave. We also have protocols that would use Aave including Mento and GoodGhosting, who have commented in this post. I can connect with these teams among others and come back.

Also, just want to note that there’s a mistake in DeFi Llama and that the Mento Protocol TVL on Celo is $140M as Roman notes in the comments.

  1. Let me connect with the Celo Foundation team on the insurance fund and get back to you.