ARC: Listing Proposal for MUST on the Aave Polygon Market

ARC: Listing Proposal for $MUST on Aave Polygon Market, by Cometh team

We, the Cometh team, are very excited to present the very first token listing proposal for the Aave Polygon Market to kickstart a synergistic and long term partnership with Aave.

About Cometh
Cometh is a DeFi powered space game with yield generating NFTs (spaceships). Cometh’s ecosystem leverages Ethereum-based DeFi to enable players to collect, trade, earn and farm tokens.

MUST :alembic:
The MUST token is an ERC20 utility token that fuels the Cometh Metaverse economics. It is the main currency of Cometh and all surrounding products (ComethRental, ComethSwap)

Why MUST on Aave matters

  • Cometh is Polygon-native since launch on February 8th.
  • MUST has true utility (Cometh game, Cometh Rental) and liquidity (ComethSwap) today on Polygon L2
  • Upcoming synergies between AAVE (Project & token)
  • ComethSwap and the Cometh game
  • Cometh ecosystem & product releases about to go Brrrr

MUST on exchanges


KPIs :bar_chart:

  • 1000ETH generated from spaceships sales on the primary market since inception
  • 3,300 spaceships minted, and sold by players on the secondary market (OpenSea) at an average price 0.5 ETH / spaceship (total volume $2.7M)
  • 2,000 unique players, $70K earned by top players since game launch
  • In less than 2weeks, ComethSwap gathered more than $21M in liquidity over 53 pairs and generated more than $10M of trading volumes, $5k of fees were captured by Cometh
  • Fully Diluted MarketCap of MUST as of April 1st: $242,000,000


Benefits for Aave

  • Additional liquidity and token opportunities on Layer2 for the AAVE Polygon Market.
  • Support of a Polygon-native project
  • Foot in the door for future collaboration with Cometh’s ecosystem of products and partners

Risk Mitigation

  • Audited by Rekt and Sekoia
  • Collaborated with top projects in the ecosystem: SushiSwap, AaveGotchi, DontBuyMeme,, DokiDoki, BadgerDAO, YAM.Finance,
  • Team composed of core contributors from Ledger, Aave, StakeDAO, RektHQ, Consensys, Dfinity, Ethereum_France, Gnosis, Treum_io, Rockside

Support us
Aavengers, we count on your support! Please delegate some proposal power with your AAVE or stkAAVE to this address: 0xAC9ba72fb61aA7c31A95df0A8b6ebA6f41EF875e
ENS: jdetychey.eth

Nethan & The Cometh team