ARC: Parameter Change Disclaimer in Borrow User Interface

Simple Summary

Add a disclaimer to the borrower user interface, notifying users that governance can change parameter values which may alter their account health.


The governance process results in parameter changes of numerous kinds, including changes that impact account health factors. For example, the community has recently aligned on a Risk-Off Framework regarding reducing liquidation thresholds.

One way to increase transparency for Aave users is by adding a disclaimer in the borrow user interface. Since not all users may be aware that there is a governance process to change parameters or of the potential impact of governance decisions, it is valuable to make this information salient. Without this disclaimer, a user might believe that only price fluctuations impact their account health.


Below is a mock-up of what the disclaimer would look like. Font size, design, and other details may be adjusted.


Attention: Parameter changes via governance can alter your account health factor and risk of liquidation. Follow the Aave governance forum [link] for updates.


Next Steps

  • Targeting a Snapshot vote on 8/6 to garner community feedback on whether a disclaimer should be added.

I think thats a little but important message. Also i think there should be some kind of notification happening like with ( Or, if possible, when a user is connecting his wallet again with Aave, and some changes have been made, that there is some kind of bigger notification displaying a change. I don’t know if this is possible on protocol level, but would definitely be a great information.


In favor of this proposal, informing users as much as possible is always important.


I am in favor of this proposal. But I think that this could directly go through the github issues as it is a small enough update.

Apart from this. I think the mock up was done on the classic version of the app. When you create an issue, please add a mock up with the current interface, as classic is no longer mantained


Very much in favour of this disclaimer to be added.
Information to keep protocol users safe is of utmost importance.

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Supportive as well - believe added clarity and awareness for the end user creates a feeling of security and willingness to use the product.

We must continue to think of ways to make the UI more informative and welcoming.


Thanks all for your feedback. Below are the pull request and updated mock-up:


Snapshot vote below. Voting begins in 24 hours.