ARC: Proposal to add support for renBTC

I think native integration would be better, less problem for users and speeding up operations. RenVM can do it.


This is a well-written proposal and makes a lot of sense given ren runs the highest volume decentralized btc bridge.


I support adding renBTC. If Aave already has wBTC, then it’s only logical we add renBTC. While the former goes by the consortium model, the latter is a true, decentralized p2p. Given Aave’s ambitions to be a major defi player, it makes sense to have the more decentralized ERC-20 BTC on the platform too…


Thank you for the articulate ARC post. I fully support the idea and I think it is time.

The only reason I have not used BTC on Aave is because the only option is wBTC. I have been waiting for renBTC to be added. Whether the platform lists renBTC directly, or BTC with renVM running in the background. I think listing “BTC” with renVM running in the background is a better UX.

When can we officially vote on this as an AIP? Thanks,


I am in support of this ARC. The synergies between renBTC and Aave can help both protocols. A native integration like Curve’s would allow the value locked in BTC to be put to work.

  • Increased TVB for Aave
  • On-board BTC hoders to DeFi
  • renBTC holders can collateralise loans earning yield for holders and Aave
  • Increase the adoption of BTC on Ethereum.

I also support adding renBTC. Depositing by BTC into AAVE is my preferred usage, but AAVE only accepts wBTC (and I prefer renBTC). I actually ended up staking in badger since they accept renBTC over depositing in AAVE. Please bring renBTC to AAVE!

SNX has also just released their support of renBTC as collateral, which is a huge vote of confidence in ren from a blue chip! From Kain, “Today, the last and one of the most exciting release of the year goes live. Weirdly it’s been very underhyped, but it will enable a new shorting mechanism to replace iSynths and enable borrowing with BTC via @renprotocol.”


Hi, I also support this. I really only use wBTC because renBTC is not supported and would happily swap to renBTC as I believe it’s more secure than wBTC

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hello @defifrog, since the first creation of the proposal the genesis team released the Aave Governance V2 and since then the listing process is completely open and decentralized. It’s only required that 0.5% of the total supply of AAVE is gathered as proposition power (it doesn’t necessarily require holding - it can be delegated) to submit the proposal. I suggest the community takes a look at Governance - Governance - specifically the asset listing tutorial) and brings renBTC to Aave!


Hey @defifrog
Time passes, support for renBTC as a collateral stays.

Here are my suggestions to move forward with this proposal :

  • Fill the Asset Onboarding template.
  • In the same time, provide a detailed risk analysis and parameters for the $renBTC token.
  • Require feedbacks from Aave team for the AIP and the risk analysis.
  • Once those initial steps are complete, create the AIP and collect proposing power to push it to the vote.

The whole process is detailed here.
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I’m bumping this for interest. Can someone start the AIP? Idk how and I don’t want to screw it up

Hey party people - renfil is pending now as an AIP. Only needs 3k more Aave to hit quorum.

I’ll be looking to post renBTC hopefully after if we succeed here.

So now that renfil passed, can we get renBTC, too?

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I have finished converting my meager BTC holdings via the ren bridge to the Polygon network. I hope AAVE allows us to deposit it as collateral soon, as this seems to me to be the best use case for these assets right now


Update on Ren:

We will soon begin our first major decentralization step for the Ren protocol, where the nodes in charge of the security and operation of RenVM are no longer operated by the team, but by critical DeFi projects in the crypto space which are fully aligned in making sure RenVM is as safe as possible (announcements from these DAOs/institutions will roll out over time).

After our partners have been running RenVM and the whole system has been battletested and further audited, RenVM will transition into a fully decentralized network where all the community-run nodes take part in all RenVM processes. Currently we have have 1974 community nodes up and running, powering RenVM’s peer-to-peer network, which will continue to grow and make RenVM a vast global network resilient against all kinds of events.

With that said, it would be greatly appreciated if Aave community members would consider listing renBTC in the Aave protocol, which we have seen a lot of demand for. Initially, renBTC can be listed with similar parameters as renFIL, meaning borrowing and lending possible while collateralization using renBTC can be explored later. Starting with only lending and borrowing would pose no protocol risk to the Aave.

If anyone is willing to help set up a on-chain proposal for that, that would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the update, this is very promising for the future of Ren assets on Aave

I would suggest setting up a snapshot vote to list RenBTC as a borrowing asset on Aave to gauge the community support

I want to bump this thread now in light of the recent Polynetwork hack. WBTC is also a centralized point of attack anf while I believe wBTC is much more secure than Polynetwork I think the decentralized nature of REN makes it more secure.

At the very least we need another Bitcoin bridge on the protocol so we can spread the risk. I see no reason why renBTC should not be added as asset on both Ethereum and Polygon especially since renFil has already been listed and has much lower liquidity and demand than renBTC