[ARC] Updated: Gauntlet <> Aave Renewal

The ACI’s position on this re-run proposal remains unchanged from the previous vote.

We still believe that Gauntlet is a valuable addition to the Aave protocol and that having an independent third-party team for risk management is a good thing. However, we continue to have concerns about the pricing model. As mentioned previously, we believe that the current model is not suitable and agree with @MatthewGraham’s comments on the matter. If a proposal with the same cost for the DAO was presented with a different pricing model, we would likely vote in favor of it.

Despite these concerns, we believe that fair work deserves fair pay, and acknowledge that Gauntlet has a proven track record with the Aave DAO. We believe that it is important to adopt long-term, sustainable, and predictable budgets with service providers, and hope that a suitable pricing model can be agreed upon in the future.

Our position broadly aligns with Matthew’s post on this topic, and we refer interested parties to his post for more information.