[ARFC] Amend Safety Module Emissions

I generally support the direction of this proposal, but am wondering how effective it will be. Risk providers didn’t increase borrow caps by a single $, although they could every 5 days*. As long as this stays the behavior any added “incentive to borrowing” is useless and just benefitting first users imo. I don’t want to buy a unstable stablecoin at/(slightly below) peg when i should be able to just borrow and simply market buy the accrued interest to payback at some point.

GHO usecases are still rare besides farming, IMO might make sense for cross-chain to move forward whatever the state on this is. Would be good if you could use GHO on gnosis pay or similar.

Arguably stkAAVE is far more useless than stkABPT in a case of shortfall. Perhaps would make more sense to decrease stkAAVE rewards more than stkABPT. There is no good reason for them to be the same, especially as stkAAVE has the benefit of GHO discount which stkABPT has not.

Idk if in fact “risk” is the reason for not increasing or sth different (peg concerns or whatever…). Seems odd that not even small increases are done.