[ARFC] Cancel Llama Service Provider Stream

We thank the community for voting for the reduced stream option. It’s unfortunate to have our stream unexpectedly reduced for the last two months, but we look forward to completing our remaining deliverables for Aave.

The reduced stream option should be 50% of our original contract payment as stated above and as the community voted for. This is equivalent to $55k in USD-denominated stablecoins and 283 AAVE. Canceling the original stream and creating a new one can be done in a single payload.

There are 62 days between today (Aug 3) and the end of our contract stream (Oct 4). After accounting for the days involved in AIP 1-day delay, voting, queueing, and execution, there should be 5 days left. Therefore, the remaining stream should be for 57 days.

Here is the reduced stream calculation:

Stream details can be verified here:

  • aUSDC - call getStream with streamId 100003
  • AAVE - call getStream with streamId 100001

Please let us know if there are any questions.