[ARFC] Cancel Llama Service Provider Stream

Hi all, we do think this is an aggressive type of action considering only @MatthewGraham left from @Llamaxyz.

On the other hand, we can see that there are some hefty amount of payments left to be sent to @Llamaxyz and if approved by the DAO to be cancelled immediately that could save some important budget.

We also acknowledge that @MarcZeller and @TokenLogic are able of carrying the workload at no extra cost (at least until TokenLogic potentially becomes a Service Provider).
Simultaneously, this move does feel like we’re doing the opposite of decentralisation - by allocating most of the workload to the ACI or TokenLogic through Skyward which seem to be very well connected. Don’t be mistaken, we’re very much appreciative of the work that the ACI has put into the DAO but this proposal combined with recent comments on the proposal from @Flipside @fig can be perceived as the ACI trying to consolidate power and decision making.

Based on your dashboards @Llamaxyz, you have generated an estimate of $505.6K in protocol revenue. The question now is, can you quantify what is the estimated revenue that will be generated based upon completing the remaining actions?