[ARFC] GHO Stewards

[ARFC-ADDENDUM] Update GHO steward

Title: [ARFC-ADDENDUM] Update GHO steward

Author: @ACI

Date: 2024-06-02

Simple Summary

This proposal seeks to update the GHO steward to an upgraded version, allowing more granular control over GHO to increase it’s efficiency


The GHO peg is strong, and supply is growing. As GHO matures, new strategies can now be implemented to make it more liquid, ressilient and help it grow larger. For example, a strong GSM is expected to allow larger cap increases, allowing faster growth of the supply. Also, in dynamic markets, tighter control on borrow rates is expected to improve asset efficiency.


The upgraded Gho Steward can be found on the gho-core github


  • GSM fee strategy can now be updated by 50 bps both ways
  • GHO Borrow rate can now be updated by 50 bps both ways
  • GHO exposure cap can now be updated both ways

Next steps

ARFC-ADDENDUM allows for direct-to-AIP process governance. Governance is invited to approve or reject this proposal via onchain vote.


The Aave Chan Initiative is independent and has not received any form of compensation from related parties for the drafting of this proposal.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0