[ARFC] Merit - A New Aave-Alignment User Reward System

Hello, @sakulstra, I do understand and share a fair amount of the frustration; I’m personally hungry for more GHO debt.

But the current ALC consensus is to keep tight control on the GHO minting to avoid losing the peg. Unfortunately, very high stable coin yield across the ecosystem makes it difficult to attract “buy walls” liquidity to protect the GHO peg.

the ALC requested funds [ARFC] Aave Liquidity Committee Funding to maintain and increase the incentives on the secondary market.

AIP-44 is scheduled to increase demand for GHO with large buys, and if this execution allows for a more balanced secondary liquidity landscape, I’ll will be easier to advocate for a larger mint.

Merit distribution pathways are at the discretion of ACI and Finance SPs; if wETH distribution is highly strategic and must not be delayed, we can be supportive of keeping the majority of the GHO budget earmarked for when the GHO supply is above 50M to allow more users to be eligible.