[ARFC] Onboard weETH to Aave v3 on Ethereum

By “liquidity available under the Liquidation Penalty price impact”, we mean the maximum amount that can be sold atomically on-chain, such that the slippage on that trade is less than the liquidation penalty, in this case 7.5%. Most of the on-chain liquidity for weETH is on two balancer pools:

Assuming that liquidity doesn’t change significantly, it should suffice to liquidate the entire amount of 8000 weETH:

Based on this liquidity data collected over the limited history of the token - we set the supply cap to 8000 weETH, providing high confidence that any weETH collateral could be liquidated if necessary. The borrow cap is derived from the supply cap - no more than 10% of the supply cap can be borrowed in the lack of a clear use case to borrow this token.