[ARFC] Onboarding ETHx to Aave V3 Ethereum

Title: [ARFC] Onboarding ETHx to Aave V3 Ethereum

Author: @0xTogbe - Aave Chan Initiative

Date: 2023-11-27


This ARFC proposes the addition of the liquid staking token ETHx from Stader to Aave V3 Ethereum to enhance LST liquidity and asset diversity.


ETHx represents Stader’s staked ETH, providing users with liquid staking benefits. Supporting ETHx on Aave V3 continues our advocacy for LST diversity, complementing existing assets like stETH, cbETH and rETH.


Contract Address: ETHx - 0xA35b1B31Ce002FBF2058D22F30f95D405200A15b

Risk Parameter Value
Emode No
Isolation Mode No
Borrowable in Isolation No
Stable Borrow No
Enable Borrow Yes
Enable Collateral Yes
Loan To Value (LTV) 71%
Liquidation Threshold 76%
Liquidation Bonus 10%
Reserve Factor 15%
Liquidation Protocol Fee 10%
Supply Cap 15000 ETHx
Borrow Cap 1000 ETHx
Debt Ceiling N/A
uOptimal 45%
Base 0%
Slope1 7%
Slope2 300%

Next Steps

  1. Solicit feedback from the Aave community.
  2. If community sentiment is favorable, proceed with the ARFC snapshot.
  3. Success in the snapshot leads to the development of an AIP.


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The Aave Chan Initiative is not directly affiliated with Stader and did not receive compensation for creation this proposal.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.