[ARFC] Onboarding wstETH to Aave V3 on Base Network

We support the listing of wstETH on Base, following its launch on the network.
As liquidity is still building up on the network, we recommend launching with conservative parameters which can be later optimized.
Given the currently low liquidity levels (~320 wstETH) and leaning on past recommendations for other networks, we recommend the following launch parameters:

Risk Parameter Value
Isolation Mode No
Borrowable in Isolation No
Stable Borrow No
Enable Borrow Yes
Enable Collateral Yes
Loan To Value (LTV) 71%
Liquidation Threshold 76%
Liquidation Bonus 8%
Reserve Factor 15%
Liquidation Protocol Fee 10%
Supply Cap 100 wstETH
Borrow Cap 10 wstETH
Debt Ceiling N/A
uOptimal 45%
Base 0%
Slope1 7%
Slope2 300%

Chaos Labs will update the recommendations prior to the publication of the AIP to account for up-to-date liquidity.