[ARFC] Orbit Program Renewal

Hi all,

The LBS Blockchain Society is honoured to have contributed to Aave governance since October 2022, and we are proud of our achievements on Aave. During our time on Aave, we have established ourselves as the top viewed delegate platform on Aave, maintained a very high voting participation rate, added value to the DAO by co-authoring two governance proposals (for the gas rebate and private Snapshot trial), been selected as the inaugural beneficiaries of the Orbit program last year, and formed close relationships with stakeholders across the DAO.

For a bit of context, the LBS Blockchain Society’s Aave delegation has been led by myself (Sid Shah) since the inception of our delegate platform. I was supported by my able governance team until July 2023, and have exclusively led the Aave delegation myself since then.

Going forward, LBS Blockchain’s tenure as a delegate platform on Aave will terminate on 21st February. This is primarily due to two reasons: one, that our delegators, Avara, have decided to stop delegating across the board to promote further decentralisation of the Aave DAO, and two, the line of succession at LBS Blockchain to serve a DAO as vibrant, involved, and complex as Aave is unclear at the moment - especially since I will be graduating soon and the make-up of the governance team for 2024-25 is up in the air.

However, given the passion I have for the Aave protocol and DAO, the strength of the relationships I have established across the ecosystem, and the value I have added to Aave over the last 1.5 years (which has been echoed by numerous delegates and service providers in the ecosystem), I have a strong desire to continue as an Aave delegate.

Looking Ahead: Future Delegation

I am due to start my new role as VP, Strategic Governance at Areta in the next couple of weeks, continuing my passion for contributing to DAO governance.

Therefore, I will continue being an Aave delegate under the Areta umbrella using the following address (0x8b37a5Af68D315cf5A64097D96621F64b5502a22, aretagov.eth). I believe that my history on Aave and 6.5 years in the crypto space, combined with the experience and diversified skill-set of the Areta team, will serve Areta and myself well to continue adding value to the Aave DAO.

In the context of Orbit, the 5k GHO retroactive payment for January and the 3.62K GHO earned by LBS in February until the Avara delegation expires on 21st Feburary will be sent back to the LBS Blockchain treasury wallet (i.e., the current recipient of the Orbit stream). I will post the transaction ID of the GHO being sent to the LBS Blockchain treasury wallet on this forum post once the transaction is complete. As such, it would be great if the Orbit address was changed to the following: 0x8b37a5Af68D315cf5A64097D96621F64b5502a22.

I will also aim to obtain the minimum 20k AAVE delegation required to be an Aave delegate under the Orbit program after 21st February - if you are interested in delegating to myself and Areta, please reach out on Telegram @explorandoahora or on X @96siddharthshah!

I look forward to continue contributing to the Aave DAO and working closely with all of you! Please let me know if anyone has any questions at all - my DMs (especially on TG) are always open.