[ARFC] Set ACI as Emission Manager for Liquidity Mining Programs

Proposal was escalated to the AIP stage,

Voting starts tomorrow: Aave Governance - Proposal 122

This thread will now be used to request approval for new appointments of the ACI for liquidity mining programs following a direct-to-AIP approach and for detailed presentation of upcoming LM programs.

[ARFC] Set ACI as Emission Manager on the Avalanche network

Author: ACI (Aave Chan Initiative)

Date: 2024-06-21


Following coordination with the Avalanche Foundation, the ACI is requesting governance approval to appoint the ACI multisig to operate an LM program on the Avalanche network on their behalf.


Liquidity mining programs are essential for attracting liquidity providers by offering rewards for their participation. Effective management of these programs is crucial for the sustained growth of the Aave Ecosystem. Therefore, ACI, with its extensive experience and strategic partnerships, is well-positioned to manage these emissions effectively.

A recent example is the Long Term Incentive Program (LTIPP) from Arbitrum DAO, where Aave DAO will receive 750,000 ARB tokens, illustrating the benefits of coordinated emission management.


The ACI multisig address will be set as the emission manager via the setEmissionAdmin() method in the relevant emission manager contracts.

ACI multisig address: 0xac140648435d03f784879cd789130F22Ef588Fcd

This method will appoint the Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) wallet as the emissions admin for the wAVAX, ggAVAX & sAVAX assets on the Avalanche network


The ACI is not compensated for this LM program management

Next steps

LM programs are direct-to-AIP implementations


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