[ARFC] Treasury Management: Update Balancer Ecosystem Holdings

First of all, something to mention that may have incurred with community members. The parallel proposals being placed by @Dydymoon and @TokenLogic are probably confusing members that are not extremely involved into Aave Governance and assume that @Dydymoon is a contributor with @TokenLogic.

In general, when we’re talking about treasury management - numbers and economical sense is what matters the most. So we’re aligned here with @Dydymoon that while considering the strategic relation with Balancer, the move to AURA makes economical sense.

Something worth stressing to the community is that AURA has very low amounts of liquidity for acquiring the sizes mentioned here. Thus, if any strategy change needs to happen in the future it is likely to be a costly “exit/change” unless if there is an OTC buyer of that size.

@Dydymoon you mention a split of 10 orders for the TWAP. As this intent is quite public and traders can frontrun it based on the expectation that the DAO will acquire over 1M AURA - what price protection have you considered? For optimal execution, we would probably split it enough so that the size is less than 10-15% of the daily trading volume.

With all that said, we’re cautiously supportive of Option 1. Having such sizeable exposure to a 30M mkt cap/84M FDV token is risky but we do realise the emission benefits it brings.