Atlantis World <3 AAVE

Introduction to Atlantis World

Atlantis World is a pixel metaverse with token-gating, video calling, gamified DeFi + in-game DAO voting. We believe that as much as metaverse should be open, it should be accessible (lightweight) + plug into DeFi applications in a fun / gamified way.

Existing virtual worlds are inaccessible because they have a 3d/immersive focus, resulting in a high-cost barrier to entry (since in order to enjoy seamless loading experience, users must go out + buy the latest iPad / gaming pc, this technology / hardware is neither inexpensive or readily available globally).

Also, we believe that we are missing a huge onboarding opportunity into DeFi as a collective space by not gamifying leading dApps / protocols inside of virtual worlds with additional interactive learning modules.

We are adding video/audio calling capabilities to user-owned, token-gated cities inside of our pixel metaverse for communities to interact with each other; whilst gamifying DeFi protocols like Aave / Yearn / Sushi, curating interactive learning modules in our Web3 Academy + gamifying DAO voting.

To provide further value to the space, we’re exploring adding tooling products like CoinGecko to the Atlantis experience, as well as transforming our favourite NFT avatars into versatile, hyper-composable playable characters by building open source sprite sheets + full walk cycles ready to be used by those communities not just in Atlantis, but in all of pixel metaverse.

We’re also building public spaces + rethinking decentralized governance in collaboration with our community. We plan to build the City of Atlantis → ​​a buzzing, entrepreneurial capital owned / governed by its users / inhabitants, where ETH is money + creative culture is king. If users want to open a business, like a virtual cafe, music venue, movie theatre or an independent art exhibition, they’ll be able to apply to occupy land for free to do something creative.

Adding value to the Aave ecosystem

We’ve already integrated Aave Protocol (on Matic) inside of Atlantis demo (users are able to deposit into Aave inside of the Atlantis DeCentral Bank building). We were proud to win a hackathon prize from Aave for this integration, with Stani himself even reaching out and joining the Discord to congratulate us!

We believe that we can continue to provide long term value to the Aave ecosystem in a number of ways:

  • Creating gamified experience on top of Aave protocol. We envision users entering the Aave Bank inside of Atlantis, with Aavegotchi-manned NPCs behind the lending / deposits desk, live interactive market data dashboard and fun drag + drop token deposits. We’d highly appreciate engaging the Aave community on this, receive suggestions and feedback, and ultimately build out these game features as a collaborative effort. We believe that gamification is the logical next step when it comes to onboarding non-crypto native users (esp 3.4B user gaming market) into the DeFi ecosystem.

  • Building a fully Web3-enabled token gated city for the Aave community with NFTs, video calling, DeFi + in-game DAO voting! The space will be map sized and totally personalized with Aave brand assets, we’re also planning to integrate extended community and ecosystem projects (ie. Aavegotchis into Atlantis as game characters - for users that own them already).

  • Creating interactive learning modules centred on Aave to onboard new users into DeFi.

  • Enabling network effects by rolling out gamified Aave products in our public cities and cities of other DeFi communities such as Yearn to onboard more users who are already Web3 native.

  • Adding a portal to, an Aave booth (where users can learn more with social links like Discord) and the Aave Bank building outlined above to Atlantis City.

  • Airdropping token gated city + the Aave Bank to the Aave community.

  • Aave wearables and in-metaverse branded items inside of Atlantis World.

  • Aave core contributors co-working space (token-gated with NFT/POAP/social token etc)

  • Other suggestions from the Aave community.

Support requests

We’d highly appreciate exploring some support that might be made available to us on our mission to collaborate and provide value to the Aave ecosystem and community:

  • Grant funding;
  • Mentorship;
  • Tech support;
  • Community / user feedback and collaborative efforts;
  • Joint marketing.



Discord: Atlantis World


Hack FS submission (Won Best DeFi Project on Polygon): Atlantis World · ETHGlobal Showcase

Yearn announcement:

The Defiant featuring Yearn <> Atlantis + Aleksandr from Axie Infinity: Yearn Finance Backs Atlantis World to Draw Degens Into the Metaverse - The Defiant

Balancer Grants blog post: Atlantis World will be building Balancer City with its new grant! | by Balancer Grants | Sep, 2021 | Medium

Perpetual Protocol <> Atlantis World

Demo (v0.5):

Final Notes

Our current ecosystem partners have social media communities of 2M+ that will be invited to beta test Atlantis and become our early adopters. Joint marketing is a core part of our GTM and we’re onboarding new partners at an unprecedented rate.

We also plan to enable network effects for all parties involved, by incentivising and encouraging different partner communities to try each other’s products inside of Atlantis. As well as this, we’ll also target non crypto natives with interactive learning for DeFi and other Web3 building blocks like DAOs, blockchain games and blockchain wallets.

We currently have 2.7k+ early access sign ups, and 2.8k+ super active Discord users, with 700+ mobilising to make a contribution to our GR11 grant (when we had 1.4k community members); which we found to be incredibly humbling with intentionally little to no sharing on our side. Beyond that, over 1k+ community members have played around our demo.


@revmiller a sweet idea - thanks for sharing.

I enjoyed learning more about your impressive community growth, partnerships, and playing with the attached demo.

This idea and application is particularly interesting in a world which is becoming increasingly remote and hybrid. I see Atlantis World as an opportunity for corporate environments and complex DAO’s.

Allowing employees and culture to form in a metaverse world vs. over zoom, allows for ownership and expression. Besides a wallet what other resources do users need to fully experience Atlantis World? Are you able to exist in multiple cities at once?

This would be more exciting than Slack:

This is a world I want to live in.

Employees can communicate, coordinate, and socialize in these cities and rely on applications such as Aave for compensation and personal finance. Doing so encourages a more crypto native future.

Have you had conversations with current Grant DAO’s about onboarding their org there? What is the cost of entering or creating a city and doing it at scale?

Do you have limitations on membership size due to server space?

Excited to learn more about your product.

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This is very cool, definitely going to dive in more later. In terms of grants, I would definitely encourage you to apply to Aave Grants. Submission form here (should only take ~20 mins max): Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

For marketing, let’s connect and I can help amplify through Aave Grants social channels. I’ll send you a DM!

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Hey @fig, thanks so much for taking the time to provide fantastic feedback, we highly appreciate that.

Atlantis World bridges social, gaming, and Web3 with fun, interactive, super accessible & lightweight day-to-day experiences - all while making metaverse progressively decentralized and truly community-owned.

Currently, anyone can play around with our demo by using Metamask or WalletConnect to access the demo. Behind the scenes, we’ve already integrated the login option via UnstoppableDomains. Later on, we might enable ‘guest’ / ‘spectator’ mode.

Atlantis World is and always will be open, diverse and interconnected. Imagine having different projects, protocols, dApps, and even nations of blockchain ecosystems incentivized to learn about and from each other while growing together (network effects).

Community and culture are the central parts of our ecosystem. We’re constantly iterating + building meaningful features & interactions, community contests & programs, and growing + strengthening AW ecosystem (founding) partners/builders to make the abovementioned vision a reality.

On another note, we’re adding token-gated access to some cities/buildings/rooms inside of AW, so only those who care enough (ie having as little as 1$ in a given token) would access the space. There will be both public and private spaces. In the future, we’ll launch community/ecosystem growth programs + scholarships to incentivize progressive decentralization, creativity, as well as radical change inside & beyond of AW.

So far, we’ve onboarded a number of top players such as Polygon, Audius, Yearn Finance, Balancer, Perpetual Protocol, MetaCartel, + others TBA. We see Aave as the missing link, we really want to move forwards with the next steps of our collaboration vs. just basic hackathon integration.

We had some great conversations regarding Aave City & further integrations with Aave core contributors @ ETH Lisbon, and even rAAVE. We also have been in touch with Calvin @ Impossible / Aave Grants; he’s been super helpful with feedback & suggestions.

We’ve decided to create & post the proposal here to hear Aave fam’s feedback, as it’s crucial for us - we’d love to build the best Aave experience possible inside of Atlantis World.

In terms of server capabilities, we’re actively exploring maximizing that from our side, as well as decentralized / distributed alternatives. As it stands currently, we’re pretty confident that we can host large-scale virtual events inside of token-gated cities in Q1 2022, as well as opt-in video/audio calling for attendees.

Thank you for the interest, support and great questions!

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Sounds great @0xbilll tysm for the suggestion, will do! Absolutely, it’d be a pleasure to connect and explore growth opportunities! :handshake:

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hi @revmiller . love this vision. would love to support you in getting a grant from enzyme in Atlantis as well as offering any other support (eg. technical, marketing and other). Check out the funding proposals section here and DM me if you have any questions GitHub - enzymefinance/MFP: Melon Funding Proposals

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hey @ElisaFly tysm for you care and support, we’d love to explore collab with you & Enzyme Finance, as we’re on the mission to onboard all the best web3 projects and create robust, interconnected, positive-sum Atlantis World ecosystem :handshake: