Avalanche Market - add sAVAX to aave v3, raise LTV of AVAX

Listing on V3 would make the most sense (considering the potential of the E-Mode as well) with a supply cap, however ensuring good culture on security (across whole DeFi and the projects the Aave community is engaging with) by demonstrating good security practices would be important given that there is also reputation risk if there isn’t proper security practices. I am sure however that @benqi_core team is looking to expand the sAVAX in its scale and working with Ava Labs team is a positive signal.


Thanks for you proposal

Could you please provide the details as described in the New Asset Listing Governance Guide? The community needs to understand in detail how sAVAX works and its risks, so its important to cover the questions of the Template ARC Asset Onboarding - Governance


Agreed! A detailed breakdown of the system will be shared once the transition is complete. We want to uphold the security practices of Aave for sure, as we do on BENQI as well. The details will be shared as per the Asset Onboarding template as shared by @Alex_BertoG. Thanks!

@Emilio V3 would be ideal! Also, a timelock contract in between isn’t practical for the liquid staking process as it stands.

Hey guys, let’s move this discussion to the below as it reflects the ARC Asset Onboarding Template. Looking forward to the discussion there!