BGD. Aave Governance v3 - Activation plan

A bit delayed due to extended security procedures, but we want to tell the community that the proposals for the activation of Aave Governance v3 are finished and ready to be created.

In addition to the internal BGD efforts, Certora did extra verifications and property checking, and as previously announced, Mixbytes did a security review for each voting asset:

Regarding the consequences of this extra step from Aave Governance 2.5 → Aave Governance v3:

  • Once/if the proposals are approved and executed, everything described on the opening post of this thread still applies the same, on smart contracts, user interface, and tooling.
    The same voting requirements apply for the first proposal to be created (1’040’000 AAVE), which requires maximum participation by the community.
  • Given that the current state is Governance 2.5 with a.DI and Robot active, the exact flow and content of the proposals are slightly different and are described in the following diagram and this repository

With the support of @ACI Skyward, we plan to create the first on-chain governance proposal approximately 24 hours from now.