BGD. Aave <> ParaSwap fee claimer

After a successful snapshot vote the AaveParaswapFeeClaimer was deployed via CREATE2 as 0x9abf798f5314BFd793A9E57A654BEd35af4A1D60 on all supported networks.

The Aave IPFS interface was updated to redirect fees to this address. As of today ~10k USD in positive slippage has accrued to the new claimers across all networks. These fees can now be claimed in a permissionless way.

For the previously accumulated fees (which currently are worth around ~100k$) they have to be claimed via governance or the Aave Guardian.

The governance payloads are already prepared on

and as there really won’t be any opposition, could be included in another proposal targeting treasury management, to reduce governance overhead.

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