BGD. Technical maintenance proposals

a.DI update: CCIP bridge adapters and CCC (CrossChainController)

Simple Summary

Technical maintenance proposal to update the CrossChainController and CCIP Bridge Adapters components of a.DI (Aave Delivery Infrastructure).


Set of minor improvements on the CrossChainController smart contract to ease and standardise off chain tracking of a.DI contracts and events; and update of the Chainlink CCIP Bridge Adapter to be compatible with the new CCIP version.


Bridge adapters

On this side, the CCIP Bridge Updated is updated to have full compatibility with CCIP v1.2.0. This affects Ethereum, Polygon PoS, BNBChain and Avalanche.

Cross-chain controller (CCC)

On the CrossChainController (CCC) implementation, we have updated the logic so that all bridged messages will be treated the same even if required confirmation have already been reached (previously these messages where ignored in practise).


The updates has been reviewed by Certora, the engaged security provider of the Aave DAO.