BGD. Technical maintenance proposals

Sync implementation of L2 PriceOracleSentinel across all networks


This proposal aligns the Aave PriceOracleSentinel in both Arbitrum and OP stack, to common and correct logic.


Compared with Arbitrum, the L2Sequencer Chainlink feed on OP stack networks behaves differently: it updates every 24 hours as a health check, instead of only when the status (up or down) of the sequencer changes.

In order to be fully precise and avoid unexpected downtime, the approach should be unified across networks.


Upon execution, the proposal will call POOL_ADDRESSES_PROVIDER.setPriceOracleSentinel(NEW_PRICE_ORACLE_SENTINEL) on the addresses provider contract and set the new implementation of the PriceOracleSentinel contract on Aave V3 Arbitrum, Optimism, Base and Metis.