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Founded in 2018, Blockchain at Michigan’s mission is to prepare students to excel in the blockchain space. We accomplish this by providing opportunities in education, consulting, and governance.

Education: Each semester, new members are required to attend weekly education sessions that culminate in a final project showcase. Our curriculum not only teaches valuable developer skills, but also the necessary business context to understand where to apply blockchain solutions.

Consulting: Our members gain professional experience by providing developer and business consulting services to blockchain startups and Fortune 500 companies’ emerging crypto divisions. Recent clients include Solana, Paypal, TRM Labs, etc, some of whom have partnered with us over multiple semesters.

Governance: We believe participating in governance is one of the most impactful ways to shape the future of DeFi. As delegates for Uniswap, Aave, and Compound, we actively work with the stakeholders in each protocol’s ecosystem.

Delegate Statement:

Blockchain at Michigan is committed to working with other delegates, service providers, and the Aave team to ensure the sustainable growth of the Aave protocol. We dedicate our time and resources to:

  1. Asset Risk Management
  2. Improving the governance process
  3. Expansion of Aave onto new L1 and L2s
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