Building dApps on AAVE from scratch in Spanish for Latin American community

Hi everyone! I’m Cristóbal Pereira, CEO of Colledge, a web3 academy for the Spanish-Speaking community. We were selected with a grant for the project “Building dApps on AAVE from scratch” that we will have in Spanish, open and free to anyone.

About Colledge
We are a Web3 Academy born in 2019, dedicated to the development of content and educational methodologies to train people specialized in the construction of Web 3 from Latin America. In Colledge, we have more than 6,000 students throughout the continent, from the United States to Chile and Argentina, in 4 areas of specialization: Business, Developers, Investments, Legaltech. As well as an Incubator Business Program in collaboration with Celo, to transform ideas into startups. We have worked hand to hand with several blockchain protocols such as Avalanche, Celo, Algorand, Conflux, Aztec among others. We specialized in free and open content.

About the Program:
We are looking to develop a program called “Building dApps on AAVE from scratch” with the objective of providing an introduction to DeFi and AAVE’s ecosystem, through an educational program focused on Spanish-speaking developers. This program will have a live introductory Master Classes program as well as 3 technical workshops (all our workshops are recorded, edited, and uploaded to our platform). These Masterclasses and workshops will take participants from the fundamentals of DeFi to applied and technical knowledge by building DeFi applications for the AAVE ecosystem, which can then be presented in a marketplace that we will develop especially for the program.
We have a special website for the program:
Also, the projects built in this program will be able to apply to our incubation program so they can continue their development process. This program is focused on users and developers.

Projects Goals:

  • +300 students registered in the program.
  • +100 students with the program completed.
  • +3 projects built on the aave ecosystem
  • Increase LATAM community members in Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.
  • Support the construction of a technical ecosystem for AAVE in Latin America.

Some of the social media posts
Twitter spaces:
Twitter post:

We will be posting here all of the updates about this program. If you are a member of the Spanish-speaking, your support will be much appreciated.