Centrifuge RWA Proposal Discussion and Q&A

Hey all,

…and @PaperImperium, nice to see you here. Glad you haven’t lost your zest for in-depth RWA engagement :)

Martin here from Anemoy Capital. I am also an active Centrifuge DAO contributor and Centrifuge co-founder. Here is our Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund 1 deck. Please notice its disclaimer, which is also covering the following text I’m posting here.

The Anemoy LTF aims to be a purpose-built offering combining onchain lowest possible risk with fast liquidity and low fees. Centrifuge as the tokenization and issuance protocol offers programmable DeFi-native integration.

The LTF will ultimately provide an onchain RWA product that offers:

  • Real-time transparency: Each position in the portfolio is tokenized and represented onchain, allowing for near real-time transparency into the portfolio’s overall status. Integrations with price oracles, onchain verifications, and programmable execution allow this to be the most transparent product in the market today.

  • Legal recourse and investor protection: The offered token is an actual fund share using the ability to tokenize a fund in the BVI. The token itself gives ownership. Token holders have direct claims to the underlying assets in the fund, (T-Bills US treasuries). The combination of owning a share of a BVI-regulated fund with all AUM (T-Bills US treasuries) being held by a regulated US custodian and traded through a registered US prime broker offers investors best in RWA recourse and protection. The fund can facilitate redemptions-in-kind should it ever be requested.

  • Low fees: Unlike most other offerings, the fund holds T-Bills directly, saving investors fees charged by the ETF issuers or other intermediaries.

Thank you and looking forward to discussing it in detail with the community!