Flipside Crypto CEA | Grant Overview


The Flipside community had an amazing time producing Community-Enabled Analytics for the AAVE ecosystem.

Flipside Crypto received a $95,000 grant to run Community-Enabled Analytics (CEA) in August 2021. This provided bounties for on-demand analytics & tool creation, while also driving community growth (user acquisition) and meaningful allocation of tokens to those helping grow the protocol (token retention). We are proud of the overall output of the program and are excited to share the results.

To close out this grant, we wanted to provide an overview of program performance and key metrics.

KPIs & Metrics

Since Q3 2021, the program yielded:

  • 634 Submissions
  • 151 $AAVE distributed
  • 129 unique users

Of those new users, 98% had never held $AAVE previously.

Of the $AAVE distributed, 69% is still retained within the ecosystem! This far exceeds the average retention (~26%) of traditional airdrops or Liquidity Mining incentives that we’ve analyzed.

Submission Output

A full list of our submissions can be found here.

The Flipside community produced powerful tools and dashboards, focused on liquidity, user behavior, liquidations, and stablecoin usage.

Here are the Top 5 Outputs as voted by the community:

AAVE Liquidations Calculator - interactive tool that informs users of their risk of liquidation and assigns a health factor to each borrow position. Enter your address to see more about your health factors!

AAVE Weekly Ethereum Overview - allows users to isolate per week and see the growth and change in user behavior. Here you can view weekly metrics such as TVL, utilization rates, as well as stablecoin borrow.

Key Metrics Super Dashboard - compares liquidity on Aave, specifically stablecoin liquidity. It reveals APY’s effect on borrow usage as well as a clear preference for USDC - despite similar supplies.

Loan Explorer - a proof of concept for individual summaries of borrowing and loans on the Aave platform. It was created to visualize user behavior, while showing the historical trends for borrowed money, interest paid, and interest earned.

AAVE Liquidity Dashboard - visualizes liquidity trends on Aave. Adjust your parameters to create a more tailored view of reserves and liquidity flows. A strong focus on front-end work, makes this dashboard robust and easily digestible.

Next Steps

Major thanks and shout to @HelloShreyas, @0xbilll, and the rest of the AAVE Grants DAO crew for the opportunity to build alongside this awesome community.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the program and identify areas for continued analytics. What did you love? What did you learn? What more do you want to see?

Flipside is honored to be partners of the Aave ecosystem. As stewards of the protocol and governance participants, we are committed to growing the Aave community. This is best done through improved analytics, education, and informed voting.

Want to get involved? Join our Discord community of 8,000+ analysts and work alongside the top analytical minds in Web3: https://discord.gg/APqbhkgvcg