Gauntlet is leaving Aave

First of all, would like to show appreciation for the work @Gauntlet has done on Aave, during multiple years. I had some criticism in the past, but over time the involvement (opinions apart) is clearly visible, with all the value given.

However, as an Aave community member and professional collaborator with Gauntlet via BGD (service provider as Gauntlet), I don’t particularly understand the rationale of this unilateral decision.
Yes, sometimes criticism is harsher than it should on DAOs, but generally the broad community has always shown appreciation for Gauntlet’s work. Best testimony of that is that, year over year, Gauntlet has been renewing their service provider engagement with Aave.

So personally I’m disappointed about the trust that the Aave DAO put on Gauntlet being broken in the middle of the engagement. I obviously respect the decision if other business considerations exist, but simply can’t agree that Aave mistreated Gauntlet.