Gauntlet Recommendation: CRV Deprecation Schedule

the ACI is puzzled at @Gauntlet posting a proposal very similar of @ChaosLabs Chaos Labs - CRV V2 Ethereum Deprecation Plan

Precedence and good practice for this

1- @ChaosLabs should move their post this in Governance section. This is an ARFC.
2- if a second risk service provider has an alternative plan such as @Gauntlet, post it in the thread that has been published first as an alternative for consideration of the community.
3- during ARFC Snapshot stage, allow community to express their preference for a proposal compared to the others in this case something like this:

  • YAE (chaos labs)
  • YAE (Gauntlet schedule 1)
  • YAE (Gauntlet schedule 2)
  • NAY

I would like to remind both teams that while competition is always healthy, both have their paychecks signed by this DAO. The DAO expects some form of cooperation between service providers at the benefit of the DAO.

At the ACI we heavily suggest both teams to sync up off-chain, an optimal outcome would be a proposal with several scenarios co-authored by both teams.