Governance & Involvement/Implication

Governance is a complicated issue, but is it possible to think that active and involved users (regardless of the volume or amount involved) can be rewarded with governance rights?
In fact the idea is to understand that involvement has to have a value, and that you can’t just have voting and proposal powers, involvement also has a role to play

Is it only a power in terms of the number of tokens we have, or can other values combine and come into play?

Also with delegation anyone can ask for power without necessarily being an Aave holder or having been involved in the community for a long time

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Totally agree that adding incentives for governance participation would be a great idea!

Voting is performed on-chain, so if active users were to be given governance rights, it would need to be tokenized in some way. This may actually be feasible with something like a Proof Of Attendance NFT ( distributed to people who vote on AAVE proposals.

If you’re interested we could co-author a proposal for creating and distributing NFTs to voters, and at the same time pitch the idea of using these NFTs as a form of voting power?


Hey, yes good idea the NFTs to voters. And maybe with these NFTs we can imagine a form of voting power or proposition, or something else.
We need to talk and speak about that yes :)
Where i can DM u ?

The idea that users should be rewarded for every little thing is going to do more damage to this space than good. Low governance participation right now is due to gas fees involved with voting.