Governance Weekly Recap

Governance Updates: Week of January 1, 2024


Aave V3 pool Update

In the internal security review, a technical problem was identified on Aave v3. The proposal does an upgrade of the Aave Pool, on all different Aave instances, by calling the setPoolImpl() function on the PoolAddressesProvider smart contract.

Snapshot and Key Forum Proposals

[TEMP CHECK] Launch Aave V3 on Kava EVM

This proposal suggests integrating Aave V3 with KAVA to enhance Aave’s multichain vision and access Cosmos’ liquidity. KAVA’s EVM compatibility and incentive program, Kava Rise, which distributes 1M Kava monthly based on TVL, are key factors. The integration promises significant market opportunities for Aave in the Kava ecosystem, including native Cosmos assets like ATOM, and partnerships with Tether and Bitgo. The Kava Foundation will seed initial liquidity and offer liquidity mining rewards to foster Aave’s growth in the ecosystem.

[ARFC] Updated Aave Grants Continuation Proposal

This proposal seeks to continue the Aave Grants DAO (AGD) for six months, preserving current treasury holdings and increasing GHO allowance by $328,000. AGD aims to fund $500,000 in developer grants quarterly, supporting Aave’s growth and GHO adoption. The proposal details AGD’s past achievements, including funding 249 grants worth $4.85M, and focuses on future goals like enhancing grantee accountability and measuring grant impact. The budget is divided between grants and operations, with a total ask of $618,000.

Key Service Provider Updates

Chaos Labs


BGD Labs