Grant for AAVE devs to integrate Unstoppable Domains login

Hi all,

My name is Volodymyr I’m Partner Success Lead at Unstoppable Domains.
( ; ).
We would love AAVE to integrate our Login with Unstoppable solution.
Happy to offer a $ 5.000 grant for developers to implement it.
Since AAVE uses wallet connect it won’t take more than a few hours of integration.
Here is a detailed proposal .

Please feel free to reach out to me via email:, or telegram: @volodymyr_hlushchenko

Also, we can do some co-marketing announcements for our communities.
Many thanks!

Hi Volodymyr,

i think the best way to get in touch for an Aave grant would be to check out this website How do I apply?

And afterwards it makes sense to get the people in here to know what you want to do and why and so on.

Wishing you good luck with the application!

Hi! Thank you for your reply.
The trick is that we want to offer a grant to AAVE devs for integration.
What should be the flow in this case?

Oh my bad. Was too fast at reading your thread.
Well i a not a dev so im not really familiar what to do. But maybe a request in GitHub could be the way? Otherwise i would say maybe ask someone from @bgdlabs. These guys are here to help with any technical questions about the protocol.

Maybe this will help.