I want to bring aave to the troubled teens of america

Who would like to help a veteran change the neighborhood troubled teen across the world by planting a seed of interest in Coding. I am learning blockchain development and crypto currency from scratch. I have started an organization called Gangstaz4god. Its basically group of leaders that want to prepare there communities for the future in a positive way. We want to develop programs in the communities for coding camps. Im mr mosley. Lets work.

I really like the proposal but I doubt such an isolated initiative needs the direct support of AAVE

Thank you…Im just a disabled veteran with dreams… Hopefully one day they can come to reality. Do you think you can help the project with wisdom and development? Im looking for like minds that want to make a difference.

Hi @KingYusuf904 this seems best fit for Aave Grants for consideration.

Please reference aavegrants.org on how to best complete this process.