I was liquidated despite having a sufficient balance

How did it happen that I was liquidated despite having a sufficient balance, and now my balance does not match?


and i dound a strange transaction on wallet Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Where this icon?
i cannot find it here

Don’t click any links! That was a scam attempt.

can someone help me with this issue?

Looking at the Screenshots and the TX it looks like you got scammed. You might clicked some malicious link or approved something malicious.
Your HF was too low so you got liquidated in Ethereum. And that scammer transferred your assets.

These transactions were executed automatically, and if we delve into the details, they were not made from my wallet address.

If you closely examine the screenshots, you can see that there were no wrapper transfers made from my side.

This cannot be related to my actions.