Increase Metis and WETH Supply Cap on Metis

Metis was opened today, I believe, and it already hit the supply cap of 7.5K Metis and 50 WETH. I propose increasing Supply Cap to 75K Metis and 500 WETH. Thank you.

You will have to follow governance standards in order to submit a proposal. Please check the standard guides.

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This Aave Finance Governance Process v0 … is long. It’s not like I’m proposing anything super complicated. It’s basically swap two variables. And further there are lots of these proposals already. Can you give me the TLDR of /exactly/ what I need to? Ideally it’s “copy this post, and ctrl-f the word ‘Polygon’ and replace with ‘Metis’” or something like that.

There are plenty “supply cap increase ARFC” if you want to copy & paste them.
And its not too long if you want to follow some standard. There is a reason why there are probably like 10 proposals going thorugh governance per week, because its a good and working system.

Closing this topic non-compliant with ARFC standards.